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2 maja 2016, 09:35

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The idea of a “light and fast” military, and worrying that we need to win the hearts and minds of the Afghans is a recipe for disaster. We need to do what it takes to win the war, drive the Taliban and Al Queada into oblivion and then begin the rebuilding process. Once we do that, rid them of the evil entities in their country, then begin building schools, hospitals, inrfestructura, etc… that is when we will win their hearts and minds.Thank you all for your comments.

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4 maja 2016, 08:36

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– Le commerce est satanique, parce qu’il est une des formes de l’égoïsme, et la plus basse et la plus vile. â€8##8230;……&#230;………&&82 30;…;. Sans compter que, de fil en aiguille, de tels principes peuvent mener très loin, beaucoup trop loin.Rédigé par : Onésiphore de Prébois | le 11 avril 2011 à 13:55 |Résultat : Von Traube

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6 maja 2016, 22:52

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26 listopada 2020, 10:40

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